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The Best Flight Controller July 2016

As of July 2016, the KissFC (32 Bit) has to be the best flight controller on the market. The KissFC (32 Bit) has been on the market for a while now. So why is it the best flight controller?

Why Is The Kiss FC The Best Flight Controller As Of July 2016?

1. It was build from the ground up with its own GUI

Firstly, almost all FPV flight controllers use the CleanFlight firmware which can be great since it is KISS_FC_32bit_Flight_Controller_V103__76826.1458813686.640.720quite user friendly and has numerous features (like BetaFlight variations.) However, it also has loads of problems such as driver issues on your computer and unexplainable flight cut outs when your quad is in the air.

Because of that, FlyDuino decided to create something new and innovative. They designed the KISS FC 32 bit flight controller from the ground up with the help of some of the top drone pilots. This ensured that it is simple and easy to use but at the same time very powerful. The KISS FC 32 Bit has its own GUI software which is way easier to use than CleanFlight. This means that tuning your quad becomes effortless.

2. It has has the best hardwareKISS-FC-32bit-Flight-Controller_b4

One thing that I really like about the KISS FC 32 Bit is its hardware. It has F3 processing power which can power up to 6 motors. Furthermore, it also has the same industry-standard mounting system and supports basically every receiver protocol out there. I personally really enjoy soldering which is great since there are loads of solder pads instead of having pins.

3. Its size

This flight controller is really really tiny. It has exactly the same mounting as an A32 but is little over half its size. This means that it is light and frees up space on your quad so that you can mount other things onto it. Because of this, world-class pilots such as the Drone Nationals Champion FinalGlideAUS and Mr Steele both use the KISS flight controller during races.


This is a fantastic little device that will push your quad to its limits. Despite being quite old, it is still the best flight controller on the market and you should go and pick one from FlyDuino for about 35 bucks.

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