Ready To Fly Kits are quadcopter packages that come with everything for you to build your quadcopter in one place.There are many of these packages  on eBay for less than 300USD which is a really great deal. Some even less than 130USD.

Does the performance and price tag balance out? Most of the time these kits will allow you to be in the air but lack the power you would usually get from a custom setup.

Some of the problems you will encounter if you choose to purchase these kits are:

  1. Lack of power, usually from the cheap ESC’s and motors
  2. Blue screen FPV monitor
  3. Weak and fragile propellers
  4. Heavy and bulky parts
  5. Weak frames that can break easily

I do not recommend anyone purchasing one of these kits . The performance of the drone is not given any heed to. It is advised to stay away from RTF kits and invest of high quality parts. If you are a noobie who is on a tight budget , understand this : higher the price , better the quality of the product.

It makes a huge difference when you choose the higher quality setup. Problems will occur much less and repairing will also not be an often chore. You will like this hobby much quicker.

Here are some items listed on RTF packages which I would highly suggest not buying:

  1. Any 10A-12A speed controllers, purchase at least 20a for a 250mm size
  2. Gemfan 5030 propellers
  3. CC3D OpenPilot controller board (only suggest this for beginners)
  4. Any TFT monitors that has blue screens

I would only suggest people who do not really understand about quadcopters to purchase high-quality kits from or These two places are the only two places I would trust to get a decent setup with decent performance . The best way is to search around the Interwebz for some popular parts and put them together to make your own build.

Here are some popular parts that are worth the price :

  1. ZMR250 Carbon Fibre Frame
  2. Cobra or T-Motors with 3mm shafts-These don’t break easily
  3. RG20A electronic speed controllers. These are less prone to desync
  4. Runcam FPV cameras. All have WDR range!
  5. Naze32 board
  6. Dal 5045 propellers or Gemfan 5045 Bullnose

Try to stay away from cheap eBay-quadcopter-packages and only purchase from well-reviewed stores.

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