DJI Phantom 4 Production Has Been Terminated – Here Is Why
The Phantom 4 is no more, the shortest lifespan to date for a DJI product, born March 2016 terminated January 2017. Just ten months. DJI sent these letters to dealers recently: Hi Dealers This is an update as of this morning on DJI Products. DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic... Read more
ATTOP YD IDR903 Independence Day Alien Drone Review
The ATTOP YD IDR903 is an excellent drone for 36 bucks. However, in this review, you will also find out that it has some considerable drawbacks. Buy the ATTOP YD IDR903 here. Pros: – Cool looking alien spacecraft from the movie IDR. – 2MP 720p HD video and still camera.... Read more
TOVSTO Aegean V2 Drone Review
*This page will be updated with more photos tomorrow* The TOVSTO Aegean V2 Drone is a cheap and capable brushless GPS quadcopter. This review will look at my initial impressions of the drone, how the drone flies, how good it is as an areal photography drone and ultimately if you should... Read more
Innovative DJI Inspire 1 Design, Gimbals, Cameras Reviewed
This DJI Inspire 1 design, gimbal and camera review takes a close look at both the Standard and Professional models.  The Inspire 1 has entered new territory in drone innovation, sleek design and patented motor and gimbal engineering.  Every other drone on the market is playing catch up. The... Read more
Eachine Racer 180 FPV Drone Announced
Eachine has released a new product. It is called the Eachine Racer 180 FPV drone. This drone looks rather exciting. Take a look at their description below. You can buy it here. Description: Brand: Eachine Item name: Racer 180 FPV Drone Size: 153mm x 190mm Weight: about 400g (without... Read more
Floureon Racer 250 Review
The Floureon Racer 250 is an upgrade to the Eachine Racer 250. Both the Floureon and Eachine look and feel very similar, but this article will explain why I think you should buy the Floureon Racer 250 due to the fact that it is much faster, easier to use and... Read more
5 Tips On How To Create Amazing Drone Footage
Whether you’ve created a simple holiday video or a complex paid film, you always wan’t to get the most out of your drone when shooting. This article was created by Vadim Sherbakov (all credit goes to him) and he will tell you exactly how to create amazing drone footage. Vadim, has incredible content... Read more
Xiaomi Mi Drone Review
On this page you will find a complete Xiaomi Mi Drone review. The announcement of the Mi Drone caused a lot of excitment in the drone community since it is the new competitior to the DJI Phantom – something which has dominated the consumer drone market for several years now.... Read more
Walkera Rodeo F150 Racer Drone – Review
Walkera is a manufacture that has recently released many different products for FPV. Now, if you’ve read one of my previous articles, you will already know that I do not like their FPV goggles. Nevertheless, I got my hands on a Walkera Rodeo F150 Racer Drone to review. Enjoy!... Read more
The Best 5 Consumer Drones 2016
As technology advances and prices fall, the demand for consumer drones continues to grow. Drones are available in all different shapes and sizes – but which is the best consumer drone? This page will clear up the confusion as I tell you what the best consumer drones are. DJI Phantom 4 –... Read more

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