Top 5 Best FPV Antennas – 5.8 GHz March 2017
All of the antennas on this page have been tested very thoroughly. Each antenna was tested in controlled conditions and the results have had a large impact in what I deem to be top 5 best FPV Antennas. It’s very hard to decide what ‘the best’ antenna actually is.... Read more
DJI Phantom 3 Battery – The Top 5 Batteries For Any Budget!
The DJI Phantom 3 battery is a wonderful thing – it is the power and driving force behind our drone. However, if you’ve had your Phantom for some time, you will have realized that having spare Phantom batteries is always useful. There are a ton of different types of... Read more
Top 5 Best DJI Phantom Signal Range Boosters 2017
On this page, I will review the best DJI Phantom signal range boosters. With so many different types of boosters on the market, it can become really hard to choose the best one for your Phantom. This page will take a look at my top 5. Having a DJI... Read more
10 Tools Every Multirotor Pilot Needs In Their Flight Bag
As you get more and more serious into flying FPV drones, you’ll eventually end up with a flight bag that contains all the necessary stuff for a good flying session. A flight bag will contain obvious things like your transmitter, goggles, lipo batteries, and spare propellers. But a crucial... Read more
Top 5 Best Drone Battery LiPo Chargers 2017
You’ve got a drone but now you need a way to charge up the LiPo battery. This page will look at the best drone battery LiPo chargers on the market, leaving you with a better understanding of which one you should buy. After trying and testing loads of different... Read more
Eachine QX90C Review

Eachine QX90C Review

Reviews January 3, 2017 3

On this page I will be reviewing the Eachine QX90C It is a new class of 90 aircraft which measures 9cm from motor to motor (diagonally.) Every time a new model of the Eachine comes out, they always look pretty much the same as the previous one in some way.... Read more
Quanum DIY FPV Goggles Review
Buying a pair of Fatsharks as your first FPV goggles is not only an overkill but also a huge investment unless you consider 300USD as charity. The Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set is a fantastic budget option for anyone who wants an immersive experience without breaking the bank. Quanum DIY... Read more
FPVmodel ZMR X210 Frame Review
What is FPVmodel ? FPVmodel sells what I believe is one of the best frames for the price and performance ratio on the market to this date. This X-frame is exclusively sold at with a price point at only 53USD and has been well reviewed by many; like... Read more
Turnigy 9X Transmitter Review
The love of flying RC aircraft is a bug that bites deep. And to make your venture into this hobby more fun and convenient, the Turnigy 9X is here. Only for $60 you will get this 9 channel transmitter, a receiver, and a bind plug; the battery is not... Read more
Runcam Swift FPV Drone Camera Review
Flying a drone by line of sight is great fun, but by adding a camera to the front of your drone and streaming the image live to video goggles or a screen, the experience is so much more. The sensation of flying and being in the pilot’s seat is... Read more

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