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Complete Lisam LS-210 Frame Review

On this page I will do a Lisam LS-210 frame review. If you own (or have used) the GetFPV QAV210 Charpu Edition quad, then you will have a good understanding of what this frame is like since they look and feel very similar. To me, it is clear that Lisam have 100% copied the Charpu quad and therefore I would NOT recommend buying this frame. However, I am still going to do a review of it since I own it.

Quick Overview:

This frame is generally quite good. It has decent specifications (on par with most other 210 frames on the market). It has a main plate that is 3mm thick coupled with the fact that it has wide and durable arms and therefore it will be able to withstand crashes without cracking or breaking. However, although it hasn’t happened to me, the arms may break since there are holes cut near the arms that create weak points.

Full Review:

Your in for the full review? Great!

The Lisam LS-210 costs about $30 which is one of its main selling points. It comes with a PDB and CC3D (depending on where you get it from) and has nice little nylon spacers to mount it in the frame. However, it is a complete copy of the Charpu quad and it annoys me how companies think they can get away with copying the frames of others and then reselling them under their own name. I was unaware that it was a clone when I ordered it and I am no longer going to use this frame. Regardless of this, I will still write a review on this frame.IMG_0495_thumb

The frame came with all the usual frame parts and a CC3D PDB and a camera mount. However, your going to have to order your LiPo strap separately.

Lets take a look at the frame itself. This is by no means a luxury high quality frame. However, for its cheap price, it is very good value for money since the frame is made from 3k carbon fiber. Furthermore, I’ve found that the finish on this frame is very smooth – it has a nice cutting quality and flies well. It is also pretty light weighing around 100g (with the screws and aluminum standoffs included.)

Basic Build log:

I use the Scoprion M2205 2350kv motors. The CC3D flight controller (ontop of a LittleBee20A ESC)


Conclusion: Being 100% honest, this is a decent frame and is very cheap to buy. It looks clean and slick. However, it is a knockoff of the original QAV210 CHARPU frame from GetFPV and therefore please DO NOT BUY the Lisam LS-210 but buy the CHARPU instead (it is exactly the same yet it is also authentic.)


  • Hey its me (Will) again – I just wanted to say that I read this article AGAIN and think you have some great points on here. All the best and keep it up.

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