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DJI Takyon Z318 and Z420 ESCs

DJI are perhaps the most popular drone company in the world. They have recently released two brand new ESC’s, namely, the DJI Takyon Z318 and DJI Z420. Usually DJI only make commercial drones so therefore it may come as a surprise to some that they are releasing some Do It Yourself drone parts. I think this is because they want to enter the DIY drone community and so these ESCs are just the beginning of a whole range of DIY drone parts.

So what’s so special about the DJI Takyon Z318 and Z420? Well they come with the very common OneShot125 throttle signal mode coupled with active breaking. However, they do have a nice real-time motor protection feature that we saw on the old XRotor 15A ESCs. In case you are not aware, real-time motor protection prevents the ESC or motor from burning during a crash or motor block. This feature has saved me so many times!

The Z318 takes 18A as a maximum whereas the S420 takes 20A as a maximum. They are both roughly the same size (42mm x 18mm) but the Z420 is a little thicker than the Z318 (8.8mm vs 7.1mm.) However, I don’t think that this difference in thickness will make a notable change to performance.

However, I am surprised that these ESCs don’t come with integrated BEC like most racing ESCs do.

I am also quite excited about the DJI Assistant 2 software which has the following ESC settings:

  • acceleration
  • timing
  • active braking
  • throttle range
  • motor rotation direction
  • firmware update

To me these look like a couple of solid ESCs – I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

You can buy them here:

The 318 costs $10 and the Z420 costs $11

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