The one thing that every aerial photography drone has been lacking is a zoom function on their camera. Well guess what guys… its finally here! The new Zenmuse z3 is a stabilized camera created DJI-ZEN-Z3-1-600x600by DJI. It has a 3.5x optical zoom and a 2x digital zoom creating a total of 7x zoom!The 35mm equivalent of this lens is 22-77mm f/2.8-5.2. Its worth saying straight away that this camera is aimed at the professional market. It costs £799 which is more than most people spend on their actual drone. It is intended to be mounted on the Inspire 1 Matrix 100 and the latest Matrix 600.

DJI tell us that its stabilizations technologies have been significantly updated so work with zooming – since when you zoom in, tiny movements in the camera are magnified.

“The Zenmuse Z3 pushes the possibilities of use for industrial applications,” says DJI product manager Paul Pan. “Before this camera, the only way to zoom in on a subject or object was to fly closer to it. Now, pilots in a search-and-rescue situation, or conducting surveys or inspections, can maintain distance and still zoom in for sharp, detailed images.”

Take a look at this comparison photo between no zoom and 7x zoom. I think the results are rather impressive!

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 10.01.21

The z3 Zenmuse comes in at a weight of around 262 grams. It has a Sony 1/2.3 sensor which offers 12 megapixels. In video, the quality of the camera is actually increased. It films at 30 fps in 4K.

A 1 Inspire can fly for 19 minutes with the Senmuse Z3 whereas a M600 can fly for 39 minutes.

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  • That would be an awesome tool to have, many years ago I had a 650 drone with dual cameras fitted aimed identically, but with different zoom settings, effectively giving me two full res options at edit, it was heavy and extremely hard to keep stable at longer shots, but made a great improvement. Zoom would be the holy grail. A logical step I guess.

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