From the day I received the FuriBee F36 to review, I have not been able to put it down. This thing is a lot of fun! I can fly it around the house carelessly and not be afraid of causing damage, even if I crash.

This can be credited to the fully surrounded “ducted” propellers that we’ve been seeing a lot more in the drone world. The point of having these ducted propellers is to increase lift and flight time by directing the air downward. They also act as prop guards and keep the drone in the air if you bump into the wall.

This Tiny Whoop alternative will provide you with many hours of entertainment for a very low price. At the time of writing, GearBest is offering the FuriBee F36 for $13.99. This is a great price considering the durability and flexibility behind this product!

FuriBee F36 Review

Here are the full specifications of the FuriBee F36 (according to the manufacturer):

  • Brand: FuriBee
  • Model: F36
  • Motor Type: Brushed Motor
  • Kit Types: RTF
  • Range: 30m
  • Battery: 3.7V 150mAh
  • Flight Time: 5-6 minutes
  • Charge Time: 20-30 minutes at 1A
  • Weight: 22g
FuriBee F36 contents
Contents of the box
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Package Contents

  • 1x FuriBee F36
  • 1x Transmitter
  • 4x Spare Propellers
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Screw Driver
  • 1x English/Chinese User Manual


The F36 is sold in two colour variants — cyan and orange. Both colours look very nice, but I do like the overall look of the cyan more. Shielding the electronics is a sporty-looking chassis that also displays the FuriBee logo.

Moving down, the LEDs are very surprising due to how bright they are. It has red in the front and blue in the back. Unlike some, the LEDs can clearly be seen in the daylight outdoors. At night, they give a square glow to the ground underneath when flying low… which looks quite cool in my opinion.

The battery parks itself underneath and plugs in near the back. One feature that makes this little drone unique are its four-leaf propellers. Not only do they make the drone look mean, they also add to the flight characteristics, which I will cover next.

FuriBee F36 LEDs

Flight Characteristics

First, let me mention that this drone is extremely stable and easy to fly. In fact, I let a couple family members (who have never flown a drone before) attempt to fly it. After getting used to the controls, they were able to use it in no time. That allows me to conclude that the F36 is truly an ideal drone for beginners to learn on and grow into. It is not a particularly fast mini drone in both low and high rates, but it is still fast enough to have fun.

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The low rate yaw and pitch settings are very nice for slowly flying around the house and for beginners. One thing an experienced flyer might notice is that the yaw feels a bit “spongy”, but after a couple flights, you get used to it.

The high rate yaw and pitch are great for tight indoor flying. The pitch doesn’t allow it to go too fast, so it’s good even in the smallest areas. But, some flyers, like me, might crave a bit more speed. It’s not too slow, but experienced pilots would have more fun if it moved a bit faster. The yaw in high rate is pretty quick which allows for making turns on a dime. The ducted prop design really makes this drone fly like a dream, while making it safe at the same time.

Flips, Headless Mode, and One Key Return

Flips can be activated by clicking the right stick in and pitching in the direction you want. They are extremely tight with little altitude fluctuation. It has a slightly noticeable autocorrect of the throttle during the flip in order to combat the typical altitude loss/gain we see in other similar drones.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that this drone does not record altitude, but it still is able to maintain a fairly stable height during flips. This is so helpful because it won’t fly up after a flip and hit low ceilings.

Headless mode works very well. It can be activated by clicking the left button two times. I am not particularly a fan of headless mode, but can absolutely see how it would be helpful to beginners. The F36 keeps its heading no matter how many times it’s spun around and that is very impressive to see. Keep in mind that it sets the heading when you plug in the battery, you need to make sure its facing the direction you want when you power it up.

One key return is a cool feature that has become pretty regular on toy drones. It can be activated by clicking the left stick one time. Make sure you correctly set your heading before flight (keep the front of the drone where you want forward to be when powering up and beginning flight). It actually works quite well, contrary to what I (and many others) expected!


The transmitter looks very similar to the one included with Cheerson CX-10 and other small drones. It is a bit small for people with big hands and is nearly impossible to “pinch” fly with. It’s designed for small hands and thumb flyers. This is not a major issue, but it’s still something worth mentioning.

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To calibrate the gyros: power up the drone, put it on a level surface, make sure the trims on the transmitter are centered, bring both of the sticks down and to the right and hold it while the LEDs on the drone flash.

FuriBee F36 controller
Very standard mini drone transmitter


The range on this drone is advertised at 30m (or 100ft). For such a small craft, that is pretty impressive. Comparable pocket sized drones advertise similar range, but from my experience, most can only do half in real life.

This definitely isn’t the case with this one.

I attempted a range test and here is what happened: It was out as far as I could safely see and still had control, so I decided to pull back. I would say I was close to 100ft out. There was no need to push it any further because I’d never fly that far anyway. Needless to say, the range is more than sufficient.

Battery and Flight Times

Flight times are right around 6 minutes on the 150mAh battery with a 7-10 second low voltage cutoff warning indicated by flashing LEDs. That is plenty of time to bring it back and land in your hand or on table. If you do decide to keep flying, the drone will gradually lose power and descend to the ground. This is unlike many, which will just fall to the ground after the low voltage cut off warning engages.

FuriBee F36 rear

Tiny Whoop Conversion


Many pilots from around the world are getting the F36 to later turn it into a Tiny Whoop. It’s a fairly simple process, and a rather recommended one; head over to this post to see how you can exactly convert the F36 into a real Tiny Whoop alternative!

FuriBee F36 Review Summary

The FuriBee F36 is a very stable and easy to fly drone for beginners. The slow yaw and pitch in low rate are perfect for first time fliers.


  • Affordable
  • Ducted Props
  • Easy to fly and stable
  • Bright LEDs
  • All modes work very well
  • Great range
  • Flight time


  • Small transmitter
  • Bit slow
  • Sometimes after a crash, the motors will lift. Just push them back down and it is ready to go again.

At $13.99, it’s really tough for me to not recommend this one. You can find it at GearBest for $13.99!

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