FatShark Dominator HD3 FPV Goggles Review FatShark Dominator HD3 FPV Goggles Review
FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestredditTumblr On this page we will be looking at the all new FatShark HD3 goggles. You can get these goggles for pre-order at the... FatShark Dominator HD3 FPV Goggles Review

On this page we will be looking at the all new FatShark HD3 goggles. You can get these goggles for pre-order at the moment. DroneUplift has had an exclusive preview of the FatShark Dominator HD3 FPV goggles before anyone else. Here is what we think about them:1009162218c-494x278

Before we begin it’s important to note that all reviews are subjective. Hopefully however, this page will give you a better idea if you should buy the HD3’s.

Whats New and Improved

There are so many new refinements on the refinements HD3s. If you own a pair of Dominator HD2s then you’ll know that they have a number of issues. The two biggest problems are that there are blurry edges in the screen and the DVR is incredibly unreliable.


As you would expect, FatShark has solved these two problems on the HD3s. Although they still use the same 800×600 SVGA screen, they have fixed the blurry edges by reducing the FOV from 50 degrees to 42 degrees. Nevertheless, the HD3s are still completely immersive and feel great on the eyes. Also, with the removal of the blurry edges, it gives the illusion that the screen looks bigger. Ultimately, the screen has been improved over the HD2s and is very clear to look at.


Now we come to the DVR problem. Fatshark again has solved this problem by making the DVR footage much more reliable. The quality is still low and you can’t DVR HD video and therefore that mean you are limited to recording analog video. However, I don’t really consider this an issue since you can still DVR the video feed from your Connex system directly from the downlink using a regular DVR – though this is something that I would like to see in future FatShark products.

The Feel

The HD3s have been completely redesigned to fit your face. Again, this section of the review is subjective, but I think that most people will have felt that the HD2s (and indeed the Dominator V3s) had wide faceplates. However, I noticed that the DH3s were much more ‘snug’ and had a tighter fit to your face.

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This is great since the goggles sit on your face in a much more comfortable fashion. However, not only does this feel better, it actually improves the IPD adjustment performance too. Now, the IPD range is still exactly the same (59-69mm), but the difference with the new faceplate design you eyes sit in a slightly different position and therefore the IPD seems to center better.

What’s In The Box?

The packaging is very similar to any other FatShark goggles. FatShark gives you the following:

  • FatSHark battery with LED power meter.
  • HDMI cable
  • RGB cable
  • HDMI mini adapters
  • Lens cleaning cloth
  • Face plate pads
  • Bullet charging cable

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They have updated the foam pads on the faceplate to make them even comfier.

There are other changes too that make the HD3s even more impressive. One of the changes that I particularly like is how they come with 2 face plate pads and velcro tape. This is really cool since the Velcro sticks to the goggles whilst the foam pads stick to the Velcro. This makes it far easier to replace the foams pads (which was a real issue with the HD2s.) This is especially true around the nose area which not only gives the goggles a better fit, it also means that it prevents light from entering into your goggles.

The Auto HD 16:9

As previously mentioned, the HD3s come with a SVGA 800×600 screen display. This, combined with the 42-degree FOV means that the screen is immersive and feels ‘big’ and ‘close’ to your face when you don the goggles. comparison-chart_4-models-867x1920-223x494

When you go into HDMI view (by attaching the HDMI cable), the screen will automatically adjust to 16:9, which is great for 720p HD. Although I cannot confirm this, people have speculated saying that it doesn’t show 16:9 with the Runcam eagle.

The HD3s are great for HD. Even though they are the same aspect ratio as the Dominator V3s, there is still a large difference. The HD3s, even in 16:9 will offer a bigger FOV, clearer and more vivid video than the Dominator V3s. As a word of warning, whilst in 720p the image looks great, in 1080p the image looks as if it has been scaled down.

Are the HD3s worth the price?

I think they are. There are lots of small changes in the HD3 but when put together these goggles become significantly better than their predecessors. These are by far the best FPV goggles that FatShark has ever made since they have ironed out all the problems of the HD2s. At the same time, they do exactly what they say on the tin and worked like a charm in all my tests.  Therefore I think that the HD3s are definitely worth the price.

  • Mac

    January 31, 2017 #1 Author

    Still blurry problemss!!


  • Jakobe

    February 22, 2017 #2 Author

    These are not 720 or 1080! They are the same resolution as v2 and v3 800x600px.
    They are NOT HD. No fatshark goggles are HD. It’s just a marketing gimmick name.


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