I’m really excited to share this news with you guys. Ever since I started flying drones some years ago, one of my biggest issues was that I had very few choices when buying props for my large multirotor drones. And even when I did find a prop that was big enough – usually, it was of poor quality and was really heavy. I’m sure many other pilots have experienced these issues.

Finally, a company named FLUXER has come up with an ingenious idea of offering customised prop’s for your multirotor drones. Their aim is to give you more choices when it comes to selecting larger props but at the same time ensuring the quality of the prop is still present.

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So what have FLUXER done?

FLUXER created a numerous carbon fiber props that have a large diameter. Currently you can buy props from their website that are anywhere between 14″ to 18″. However, the claim to be building even larger props that hopefully will be 20″ plus.

What are they made of? The FLUXER propellers are made from carbon fiber and balsa wood. This is great as it means that they are “20 lighter than the best carbon fiber propeller on the market.”

They also look really sexy due to their thin profile and beautifully curved edges.

I’m going to keep an eye on on this company – I think that they are onto something quite special here and I will definitely be buying some of their larger 20″ props when they hit the market.

If your looking for some props for you DJI Phantom then get these carbon props.

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