Foxeer TM25 Switcher Foxeer TM25 Switcher
FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestredditTumblr Up until this point, the TM25 transmitters by Foxeer were only available in a 25 mW Version (hence their name,) which are compatible... Foxeer TM25 Switcher

Up until this point, the TM25 transmitters by Foxeer were only available in a 25 mW 1463756419228556635.images.800x617Version (hence their name,) which are compatible with the European standard. In this way, to garner more power (and thus better range and penetration), we would have to invest in the TM200 and TM600 which are 200 mW and 600mW respectively. This was annoying since it costs lots of money and you had to constantly change the different modules around. Well, now there is a solution – the “3 in 1” Foxeer TM25 Switcher.

The Foxeer TM25 Switcher Gives You The Power To Choose…

The great thing about the new Foxeer TM25 Switcher is that it can switch to 200mW or 600 mW depending on what you need. Simply flick the switch and you can change the power levels. It also supports 40 channels including the race band (again, you can change the frequency by pressing a single button.)1464028102714929073.images.525x405

An LED keypad tells you about the adjustments that you have just made.

The TM25 Switcher weighs just 9.5 grams (not including the cable or antenna) and is quite small (4.3 x 2.5 x 0.8 cm.) The input voltage is between 7V and 24V. The antenna connector is a SMA and the price of the TM25 Foxeer Switcher is around $33 from here.

Here are the rest of the stats for the Foxeer TM25 Switcher.

Transmitter Frequency(MHz) Wideband FM Modulate
Video Format NTSC/PAL
Output Impedance 50 Ohm
Output Power 25mW 200mW 600mW
Input Voltage DC 7-24V
Output Voltage DC 5V
Operating Temperature -10~85℃
Video Band Width 0~8.0MHz
Audio carrier Frequency 6.5MHz
Video Input Level 0.8~1.2Vp-p
Audio Input Level 0.5~2.0Vp-p
Audio Input Impedance 10K Ohm
Weight 9.5g
Antenna Connector SMA/RPSMA
Accessories 1×Transmitter; 1×cable

If you found this review helpful, please share it below. I am really looking forward to using the Foxeer TM25 Switcher since it will save both time and money!

  • Brian Paddock

    July 10, 2016 #1 Author

    Sure would be nice if you listed the US sellers of this item. It’s available for the same price from many US vendors.


    • admin

      July 10, 2016 #2 Author

      I couldn’t find any US vendors – please give me a link and I’ll add them Brian. Cheers!


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