What is FPVmodel ?

FPVmodel sells what I believe is one of the best frames for the price and performance ratio on the market to this date. This X-frame is exclusively sold at FPVmodel.com with a price point at only 53USD and has been well reviewed by many; like OscarLiang, BMSWEB, and Joshua Bardwell. Is FPVmodel any good? Hell yeah!

It is to be noted that DroneUplift was not paid any compensation for this review or endorsement. We only recommend products we have personally used and tried!


First off, if you have money to kill go for the popular, Impulse 5 inch Alien X frame. If you are like me who do not have 109USD to spend on an expensive frame this is what all the hype is about for you. Unlike the FPVmodel ZMR250 frame with an H style frame; this is an X frame, the most popular style for professional pilots.


The advantages of X frames easily allow balancing the center of gravity so the motors can all run equally.  Plus with the 210mm size (the smallest size for 5-inch props) it looks hella sick with 5 inch 3 blade propellers. The design of the ZMR X210 looks similar to the Alien with the feature that allows easy replacement of the arms with; only 3 screws to swap out the arm. The arms are made of high-quality 4mm thick carbon fibre and two bottom plates that sandwich the arms in place. You may optionally build this frame with only one of the two bottom frame and keep the second one as back up.


Speaking of backups, you may be wondering how much are spare parts? They have a whole page herededicated to spare parts from arms to as little as the arm mounting assembly. The cost of two carbon fibre 4mm arms for 6.90USD, what a deal eh? They also sell HD camera tilts for GoPro, XiaoMi Yi and as well for the Mobius styled camera like the Runcam and Foxeer Legend also for 8USD made with carbon fibre.


The frame has been well thought out with a genius idea of mounting the FPV camera in a way that allows easy tilt change, all with two screws on the side of the camera. This frame is designed for FPV camera like the Foxeer HS1177 SONY 600TVL. The only downside is the tilt angle may change during a hard crash but a small zip tie can fix this problem. The last thing that this set provides you is a Matek PDB with built in 5v and 12v step down!

It works super nicely with this frame and the PDB even provides pads that allow fpv camera connection and video transmitter connections. Small jumper pads are also designed to allow easy conversion between voltages going through devices. You have from 5v, 12v, and the battery voltage. Goes for a super clean build!


FPVmodel is currently one of my favorite online stores to go for FPV and multirotor gear because of the incredible speed on the processing and shipping time. I personally bought from them three times ranging from 100$ to as low as 20$ and all it took is 6 days including processing time to get from China to Canada Vancouver with the free shipping option. (China EMS).

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