Whoop Laps App Review – Should You Buy It?
On this page I will be reviewing the Whoop Laps App. This is a small application for smartphones which seems to be very practical for training pilots who use Tiny Whoop. This app will work not just with Tiny Whoop products, but all drones capable flying indoors. What doest... Read more
Eachine QX90C Review

Eachine QX90C Review

Reviews January 3, 2017 2

On this page I will be reviewing the Eachine QX90C It is a new class of 90 aircraft which measures 9cm from motor to motor (diagonally.) Every time a new model of the Eachine comes out, they always look pretty much the same as the previous one in some way.... Read more
Golden Cobra Champion Motors 2205
Cobra have already released the golden props. However, we were missing the matching engines. Well now they are released. The Golden Cobra Motors are limited addition Golden Championship 2205 motors, in models 2300KV, 2500KV and 2600KV. Expect to pick them up for around £70 or $80 from Aliexpress (with the port,... Read more
Why You Should Enable Dampening in the Blheli Firmware
ESC dampening is a great feature to have in the Blheli firmware. It enables faster throttle responses by braking the motors when dropping the throttle to a certain value. Unlike conventional ESCs with SimonK firmware ( our preferred Blheli ESC firmware ) , the motors have to spool down... Read more
Should You Buy Ready To Fly (RTF) Kits?
Ready To Fly Kits are quadcopter packages that come with everything for you to build your quadcopter in one place.There are many of these packages  on eBay for less than 300USD which is a really great deal. Some even less than 130USD. Does the performance and price tag balance... Read more
5 Vital Things To Remember When Choosing Quadcopter Motors
There are certain considerations and rules which you must remember while selecting  effective quadcopter motors . Decide the Quacopter Motor Size The first thing you need think about is the motor size which you will need for your quadcopter. You need to ask yourself two questions for this purpose:... Read more
Quanum DIY FPV Goggles Review
Buying a pair of Fatsharks as your first FPV goggles is not only an overkill but also a huge investment unless you consider 300USD as charity. The Quanum DIY FPV Goggle Set is a fantastic budget option for anyone who wants an immersive experience without breaking the bank. Quanum DIY... Read more
FPVmodel ZMR X210 Frame Review
What is FPVmodel ? FPVmodel sells what I believe is one of the best frames for the price and performance ratio on the market to this date. This X-frame is exclusively sold at FPVmodel.com with a price point at only 53USD and has been well reviewed by many; like... Read more
Turnigy 9X Transmitter Review
The love of flying RC aircraft is a bug that bites deep. And to make your venture into this hobby more fun and convenient, the Turnigy 9X is here. Only for $60 you will get this 9 channel transmitter, a receiver, and a bind plug; the battery is not... Read more
Quanum FPV Ground Station Review
Introduction: We bet that you have been looking for a reliable FPV ground station. And chances are you have come across the Quanum FPV Ground Station, which is one of the most popular options out there. As the title suggests, we are going to review it. But better than... Read more

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