The Best Quadcopters 2017 – Which Drone To Buy & Why
This is a long article that you probably won’t be able to read in one hit (unless your a super speedy reader.) Therefore I recommend you bookmark this page so you can refer back to the information here if needed. Table of Contents Our Recommended Best Quadcopters Best Quadcopters... Read more
FatShark Dominator HD3 FPV Goggles Review
On this page we will be looking at the all new FatShark HD3 goggles. You can get these goggles for pre-order at the moment. DroneUplift has had an exclusive preview of the FatShark Dominator HD3 FPV goggles before anyone else. Here is what we think about them: Before we... Read more
Incredible GTeng Sale

Incredible GTeng Sale

News September 27, 2016 0

Hi everyone, I just  a few updates: We have a ‘best FPV cameras of 2016’ article on its way. Lots of you have been asking for this so we have put another one together! Also, I thought I would let you know about the huge GTeng Sale that is... Read more
How to Calculate Your MultiRotor’s Speed
Have you ever wanted to know how fast you were going but didn’t have access to a radar gun? Well, if you have a camera and a multirotor, you can still measure your speed within a small margin of error. The Process It’s actually fairly simple; only a little... Read more
Quanum Genesis HD FPV – A First Look
If you’ve been keeping up with the drone news, you will have heard that the Quanum Genesis HD FPV has recently been announced. Its price is still yet to be revealed but these goggles look like they have a number of features that are exciting us. It has a... Read more
The Best Flight Controller Ever – RaceFlight Revolt
It is not very often that I make such a bold claim, but, in my opinion, the RaceFlight Revolt is the best flight controller I have ever tested. I was given exclusive access to this FC and oh boy is it good! I will be producing a full review of... Read more

DJI Phantom Manuals

News September 14, 2016 1

If you are subscribed to our newsletter you will know that we said we were going to review the best drone manuals for the DJI Phantom. Just a quick update to let everyone know that we have received 7 manuals from different companies that explain how to use the DJI Phantom.... Read more
ATTOP YD IDR903 Independence Day Alien Drone Review
The ATTOP YD IDR903 is an excellent drone for 36 bucks. However, in this review, you will also find out that it has some considerable drawbacks. Buy the ATTOP YD IDR903 here. Pros: – Cool looking alien spacecraft from the movie IDR. – 2MP 720p HD video and still camera.... Read more
TOVSTO Aegean V2 Drone Review
*This page will be updated with more photos tomorrow* The TOVSTO Aegean V2 Drone is a cheap and capable brushless GPS quadcopter. This review will look at my initial impressions of the drone, how the drone flies, how good it is as an areal photography drone and ultimately if you should... Read more
The Part 107 Rule Is Finally Here – Complete Explanation
Drone pilots all over the country are rejoicing — the Part 107 rule is finally here. The rule, which make it easier for drone pilots to fly commercially, went into effect Monday, more than two months after the Federal Aviation Administration announced it was implementing Part 107. Prior to... Read more

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