Use MAKKER For Improving Drone Skills

Drone pilots need to improve their skills because soon you will need to have a license to fly a drone. In some states, this is already the case, and the rest of the world will follow.

Remember all the accidents that happen with drones?

Do you remember when drone crash to an airplane and almost take down the whole plane with all the passengers?

Or maybe when a big professional drone almost crashed on Marcel Hirscher head while he was taking his ride down the hill to win the first place?

Because of this scenarios, pilots will be required to have some basic flying skills. And best way to get those skills is by using a new advanced training system: MAKKER.

What is MAKKER?

MAKKER ( is a tool that can help improve your drone flying skills. With MAKKER even if you are a new pilot, you can learn the basics of flying, set up training grounds and improve your flying skills drastically. And if you are a professional drone pilot, you can bring your set of drone flying skills to a whole new level.

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How to Use MAKKER Precision Flying System

The training system is easy to use. You have a tag which goes on your drone. You can place a tag on any kind of drone; even the nano drones can be tagged with MAKKER. Then you place three markers. You can place them where ever you like. You can place them on the ground or other objects, depending on what kind of training you wish to do. Results and feedback of how good was your training you will see on MAKKERs app.

You can train whatever skill you want. You can use MAKKER to work on your steady hovering above the desired obstacle. This type of training is extremely beneficial for professional drone pilots because they can master the stable hovering over objects in all circumstances. For example, you can start indoors, once you master indoors hovering, you can work on your outdoors hovering and at the end you can use a hovering training in bad weather and really master the drone flying skill.

Another exciting training which you can do is to try and fly your drone as close as possible to the desired obstacle. This kind of training is good for everyone who wants to fly close to the objects without crashing. Feedback from the MAKKER app will give you results, and you can repeat the training over and over again as long as you don’t master it.

Only by repeating the same training you will get the master at it. If you want to learn set of skills you need to repeat them at least 1000 times. And the best way of repeating them is by using MAKKER precision flying tool.

Only by training, you will become the best pilot in all situations. You will always be ready, and you will never be surprised by a particular situation. Filming a wedding under a windy weather will no longer be the problem for you, you had 1000 fly’s on bad weather with successful hovering over a desired obstacle. Rain, thunderstorms, nothing will get on your way to becoming a genuine master of drone flying and MAKKER is the tool that will be beside you all the time, giving you feedback, results and pushing you to get to the levels of drone piloting that you never think even exist.

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