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MRM X Frames – Scythe and Switchblade – Review

MultiMotorMania have released, yet again, two new fantastic products – namely the Scythe and Switchblade. I can’t wait to get my hands on these drone frames – here is why:

Firstly, they are made from 3K twill weave carbon fiber. This ensures that they are light and therefore will be quick and easy to handle when on the track. The Switchblade comes in 4mm and the Scythe in at just 3mm. (However, MultiMotorMania say they will be bringing in a 4mm Scythe very soon!)

Scythe Review:


With that in mind, lets take a look at the Scythe. It has a 220mm motor and has a unique design that will allow it to hold a six inch prop. Moreover this weighs just 70 grams when fully assembled. Incredible! As a result, when I first read this, I was a little worried that the 3mm plate may not be strong enough – however MultiMotorMania claim that it is “extremely sturdy.” When I receive my plate I’ll put it to the test and let you guys know!

Its defiantly worth mentioning that these frames cost less than $50. Buy a Scythe here or a Switchblade here.

mrm-scythe-220mm-x-frame-1 mrm-scythe-220mm-x-frame



Take a look at this photo of the switchblade – these things are light!


Switchblade Review:mrm-switchblade-220mm-x-frame

Now lets take a look at the MRM Switchblade. It has a 220mm motor and is also designed to hold a 6 inch prop. Despite being 6g heavier than the Scythe (its 76g when assembled), it does have a slightly thicker and more sturdy 4mm base plate.mrm-switchblade-220mm-x-frame-1 mrm-switchblade-220mm-x-frame-2

Oh, and don’t forget this. When you buy one of these frames, you’ll also an adjustable mini HD mount (the HS1177 model).


I’ll be giving these a full review soon when they arrive. Until then, happy flying!


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