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New LDPower Racing Motors

I don’t know about you but I’m really excited about the new motors that LDPower has recently released. I’ve been using their 2206 2200kv motors for around a month and I’ve enjoyed using them. They have plently of torque and they work really well with the HQ durable 5×4.6×3 propellers. However, these new motors are the 2205s. Before hand the only had a 2700kv version of the 2205 motors. Now they have a 2450kv version! I always think thatDSC_0290-494x328 somewhere between 2300kv and 2600kv is the sweet spot for FPV racing.

LDPower Specs

I’ve checked the MiniQuadTestBench and they have not produced any thrust or efficiency values yet since these motors have only just come onto the market. However, I do know some information on the specs of the LDPower racing motors.

The first thing is that they weigh just 29.5g and are made out of  the standard 420 stainless steel. Thee bearings are Japanese NSK bearings and it is using 45SH curved magnets. DSC_0283-494x328

Your probably thinking to yourself “I thought 45SH curved magnets not very powerful.” The answer to that question is yes, they are not very powerful. However, these motors do not lack power. I accept that they provide just a tad less thrust than the N52 magnets – however, they are still competitive with them.

Also, LDPower claim that they wind these motors in a special way. I don’t know how they do it although reports have suggested that they do it in exactly the same method they use in their RC car motors. I also happen to know that they use a single strand of wire for each motor – 100mm in length.

My current LDPower 2206 2200kv motors have help up really well, and so I hope that the same happens with these new ones. Here are some company stats that they have provided us with.

You can buy these new motors here.


Motor Type: 2205
Kv: 2450
Max Ssustained Current: 22.6A
ESC Recommendation 20a-30a
Max Power: 379.68W (14.8V 4S and 6040 Prop)
Recommended Prop Sizes: 5030, 5045, 6030, 6040
Mounting Holes:  16mm / 19mm
Weight: 29.8g
Thread Direction: CW

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