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Power distribution board vs. Cable harness

One of the biggest mistakes that many newbies make is using a cable harness/power breakout cable to connect their ESC to the battery. I personally hold the opinion that power distribution boards are by far superior to cable harnesses. Here is why.

Like many people, when I first got into drones, I didn’t want to spend extra money on a power distribution board and therefore I used a cable harness/power breakout cabe to join the ESC and the battery. There were absolutely no problems with my flights and everything went just, well, perfect! So why did I switch to a power distribution board?

Well I wanted to test them out. It does exactly the same thing as a cable harness but it weighs less and looks more aesthetically pleasing since it doesn’t have so many cables. The fact that it is lighter and save those precious grams is a huge plus when racing your quad. Every gram matters!

So I set to work using my power distribution board. Initially I found the soldering process quite tricky – but hey thats just me – i’m really bad a soldering. After trying out the power distribution board I noticed absolutely no difference. The quad flies fine – just as well as it did with the cable harness. However, I did manage to save around 27g in weight. Although this isn’t much, it means more flight time when you have a macro quad like I do.

Another great feature of the power distribution board is how you can solder on other low current things such as a voltage sensor or LED.

To conclude, it is not necessary to have a power distribution board. However, if you can afford one, then I would definitely recommend it since it does everything that a cable holder does but looks better and reduces the weight. Therefore I recommend that you buy one!

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