If you’ve been keeping up with the drone news, you will have heard that the Quanum Genesis HD FPV has recently been announced. Its price is still yet to be revealed but these goggles look like they have a number of features that are exciting us.

It has a screen with 1280 x 720 pixels 5.5 inches behind a 2.5x lens, its 5.8 GHz receiver integrated 32-channel (bands A, E, F and Raceband. The menus are controlled with joysticks and you can use them to return to the screen via an OSD.

So how much do we think it will be? Here at drone uplift, we are guessing around $180.

A review of these will be coming out soon!




  • I’d expect the same price point. I made my own with the same spec (pixel count) screen and even with a 600 line sony camera, it is outstanding, regardless of the image detail, it is still better in large magnification because you don’t see pixels. The only downside may be slower latency with higher pixel count.

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