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RC28 and New KISS Configurator


Finally! The KISS Flight Controller has had a new and updated firmware. This time, the update says that it will solve the terrifying YAW roll. However, they have made this promise with previous versions of the software and the problem was not fixed. So will the problem be solved or is this just another broken promise from Flyduino?

Well the first reports tell us that the problem has indeed been fixed. Flyduino made sure that the KISS Flight Controller RC28 firmware had lots of testing. This testing occurred even before we were allowed to use it. Chad Nowak has been working his socks off, attempting to iron out these bugs to give us the best flying experience possible – at it looks like it works. Some customers already have their hands on the new firmware and have tested it out and they are reporting that the update has been a success – no more scary YAW spins!

Download the RC28 firmware here.

Also, check out this video that shows how the new KISS RC28 firmware has no yaw spins of death!


Indeed, not only has Flyduino released a new firmware, they have also updated the configurator for the firmware too.

Whats new?

They have created a new option for ESC flashing.

It is important to understand that the ESC flashing option is only for KISS ESCs and not for BlHeli ESCs. Also, the flashing tool is just for the KISS ESCs with the newer version of firmware.

Another highly anticipated feature has finally arrived in the configurator – the motor testing tool! Flyduino have clearly listened to all their customers requesting this feature.

Whats so great about a motor testing tool? Well its really good at troubleshooting and figuring out what is wrong with your quad and thus will save you many precious hours.

The configurator also lets you flash your flight controller directly from the configurator itself. However you could also do this on the previous version.

Check out the videos below that explains lots of valuable information about the new motor tool, flashing tool and how to calibrate your KISS ESCs it the easiest way possible! (The sound quality is quite bad so turn up the volume.)

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