20% Off Mi Drone – Banggood Weekly Coupons
We want to tell you guys about another really awesome deal that our friends over at Banggood have put together for us. Every week there are new coupon deals that you can find here. These coupon deals mean that you can save loads of money on new parts for... Read more
HUGE Banggood Clearance Sale (90% Off!)
Hey everyone. As you know, I like to keep you all up to date with the latest drone news, competitions and sales. Well Banggood are currently holding a huge drone sale where they are cutting the prices on many drones. This is a huge clearence sale which isn’t just... Read more
Xiaomi Mi Max Review
GearBest kindly sent us a Xiaomi Mi Max to review. You can buy this here. Here are our thoughts on this phone. Since the inceptions of smartphones, their sizes started to get bigger and bigger every year. Today, we have reached a point that most of the brands have... Read more
Is It Legal To Shoot Down A Drone?
The question “is it legal to shoot down a drone” is something I’ve heard many times before. In short, the answer is no. You are not allowed to shoot down a drone. “SHOOTING DOWN A DRONE HAS THE SAME CONSEQUENCES, LEGALLY, TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, AS BRINGING DOWN AN AIRLINER OR A... Read more
DJI Phantom 4 Production Has Been Terminated – Here Is Why
The Phantom 4 is no more, the shortest lifespan to date for a DJI product, born March 2016 terminated January 2017. Just ten months. DJI sent these letters to dealers recently: Hi Dealers This is an update as of this morning on DJI Products. DJI Mavic Pro and Mavic... Read more
Why You Should Enable Dampening in the Blheli Firmware
ESC dampening is a great feature to have in the Blheli firmware. It enables faster throttle responses by braking the motors when dropping the throttle to a certain value. Unlike conventional ESCs with SimonK firmware ( our preferred Blheli ESC firmware ) , the motors have to spool down... Read more
Should You Buy Ready To Fly (RTF) Kits?
Ready To Fly Kits are quadcopter packages that come with everything for you to build your quadcopter in one place.There are many of these packages  on eBay for less than 300USD which is a really great deal. Some even less than 130USD. Does the performance and price tag balance... Read more
5 Vital Things To Remember When Choosing Quadcopter Motors
There are certain considerations and rules which you must remember while selecting  effective quadcopter motors . Decide the Quacopter Motor Size The first thing you need think about is the motor size which you will need for your quadcopter. You need to ask yourself two questions for this purpose:... Read more
The State of The Drone Industry – The Law of Diffusion of Innovations
Every Monday during lunch the DataWing team hosts a professional development lunch & learn. It is an open event to all the other companies in our building that we have good relationships with and we usually get one or two folks to sit in with us. It’s a great way for... Read more
Incredible GTeng Sale

Incredible GTeng Sale

News September 27, 2016 0

Hi everyone, I just  a few updates: We have a ‘best FPV cameras of 2016’ article on its way. Lots of you have been asking for this so we have put another one together! Also, I thought I would let you know about the huge GTeng Sale that is... Read more

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