True-D V3 Burns Out Goggles & Module
The True-D V3 module has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. However, what is rather upsetting is that they have discovered a hardware design flaw in this module. Now, if you’ve gone and bought the True-D V3 module already then don’t worry – there is a tutorial... Read more
Top 5 Best FPV Cameras – March 2017
Choosing the right FPV camera for your drone is incredibly important. It literally determines how good (or bad) your experience is when flying in FPV. We recommend that you read this article in its entirety as we will tell you what the top 5 best FPV cameras are in... Read more
10 Tools Every Multirotor Pilot Needs In Their Flight Bag
As you get more and more serious into flying FPV drones, you’ll eventually end up with a flight bag that contains all the necessary stuff for a good flying session. A flight bag will contain obvious things like your transmitter, goggles, lipo batteries, and spare propellers. But a crucial... Read more
Why You Should Enable Dampening in the Blheli Firmware
ESC dampening is a great feature to have in the Blheli firmware. It enables faster throttle responses by braking the motors when dropping the throttle to a certain value. Unlike conventional ESCs with SimonK firmware ( our preferred Blheli ESC firmware ) , the motors have to spool down... Read more
The State of The Drone Industry – The Law of Diffusion of Innovations
Every Monday during lunch the DataWing team hosts a professional development lunch & learn. It is an open event to all the other companies in our building that we have good relationships with and we usually get one or two folks to sit in with us. It’s a great way for... Read more
How to Calculate Your MultiRotor’s Speed
Have you ever wanted to know how fast you were going but didn’t have access to a radar gun? Well, if you have a camera and a multirotor, you can still measure your speed within a small margin of error. The Process It’s actually fairly simple; only a little... Read more
5 Tips On How To Create Amazing Drone Footage
Whether you’ve created a simple holiday video or a complex paid film, you always wan’t to get the most out of your drone when shooting. This article was created by Vadim Sherbakov (all credit goes to him) and he will tell you exactly how to create amazing drone footage. Vadim, has incredible content... Read more
How To Travel With LiPo’s
One of the most common questions that I get asked is about the rules and regulation that you need to know about when traveling with Lithium Polymer batteries. Well, Rotor Riot thought that it would be helpful to make a video on this exact topic and explain what how... Read more
How to repair a broken antenna on your quad
We’ve all done it. Spent ages building a drone, tuning it and soldering it. You take it out for a flight and CRASH. On this page I will teach you how to repair your antenna if it broke during a flight. So if you crash your quad and break... Read more
Learn Acro Flying Tutorial Lesson Rate Mode
On this page your going to learn acro flying. This video contains some strong language so viewer discretion is advised.  Enjoy! Note: This is a fantastic Acro drone that I recommend you take a look at! Please share below. Thanks! Read more

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