TBS Tango Radio – A First Look TBS Tango Radio – A First Look
FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestredditTumblr The fellas over at Helicomicro managed to get their hands on the first ever TBS remote control – all credit to goes to... TBS Tango Radio – A First Look

The fellas over at Helicomicro managed to get their hands on the first ever TBS remote control – all TBS-TANGO-7-350x233credit to goes to them. It is called the TBS Tango Radio. The TBS Tango Radio has been specifically designed to appeal to racing pilots. Its two main features are the built-in 5.8GHz video receiver along with video and power output to goggles (along with many other cool features as explained below.) The JR Module lets pilots choose the remote control frequency and protocol – so you could use the popular FrSky 2.4GHz system or TBS’s own TBS Crossfire system.

TBS-Tango-2-350x233What I like most about the TBS Tango is its user friendly and simplistic design (it looks rather like a PlayStation 4 controller.) TBS told everyone that this controller has not been created to rival something like the Taranis (which is not user friendly what so ever.) Instead, they wanted to create something that was straightforward and minimal – perfect for most FPV fliers.

It also has a sizable battery capacity meaning and will out perform most other remote controllers in terms of battery length. However, obviously, if you connect your FPV goggles then the battery life will be reduced.

This TBS Tango will cost you £230 -you can pre-order it here.


Specs of the TBS Tango Radio:

Here are the main features of the TBS Tango:

– 4.2″ 480p LCD Monitor
– 40ch+ Video Receiver 5.8 GHz: Boscam A/B/E, Airwave, Rance Band
– TBS Patch Antenna (5dbi, RHCP)
– JR compatible
– 6000mAh/3.6V battery
– Video & Power out for goggles
– Simplified interface with pre-loaded presets and profiles (Cleanflight, Taulabs, Naza, Pixhawk, etc.)

Overall, I am excited to see what this controller is capable of and how it compares to the Taranis! We will be getting our hands on this radio pretty soon so make sure you check back here for my complete review of the TBS Tango.

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