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The Best Flight Controllers 2016

With so many flight controllers on the market, it is hard to know which one you should buy for your multicopter. This page will hopefully help you out by giving you a comprehensive list of the best flight controllers out there.

1. KissFC (32 Bit)KISS-FC-32bit-Flight-Controller-V103

This is a very very small flight controller that has the same mounting as an A32 but is just over half the size. It is capable of doing up to 6 motors (a hex) which is perfect for most of us who just use quads. If your into your soldering then your going to love this FC – the entire thing has to be soldered pretty much. However, if soldering isn’t your thing, then look further down the list for other flight controllers. As with all KISS product, they have their own firmware which is incredibly easy to use and is perfect for both beginners and pro’s alike. This is my favourite flight controller on the market at the moment.

2. Lumenier LUX Flight Controllerlumenier-lux-flight-controller-lead_1

The Lumenier Lux flight controller has an F3 processor that delivers immense power to your quad. It uses Betaflight and Raceflight with low looptimes which is great since most of you will already know how these firmwares work and therefore there is no learning curve. However, it doesn’t support Baseflight and PWM input for individual channels. This board powers the receiver from USB which is great since you can test out your modes, check your receiver end points without plugging in a flight battery without worrying that your accidentally going to spin up the props on your disk. Another smaller point is that I like how the motor headers are at the corners as it cleans up the build substantially.

3. Naze32 Rev63901-2

The Naze32 Rev6 is old but gold. It has great processing power and precision and out performs other flight controllers such as the KK2. Not only is it reasonably priced and uses baseflight firmware, it also has fantastic user control response. In the words of HobbyKing, “The Naze32 Rev6 is the goto flight controller for most hobbyists.” Despite this flight controller coming out some time ago, it is still one of the best on the market and is defiantly worth every penny. This is one of the best flight controllers on the market.

4. Sparky 2.0

The Sparky 2.0 is one of the best Cleanflight flight controllers out there. It has an F4 processor sku-42239-3-800x800running at 168MHz. This means that it has lots of processing power and will out perform other boards such as the MotoLab Cyclone. Here are some of its specifications: MPU9250 Gyroscope/Accelerometer/Compass, MS5611 Barometer, 2MB dataflash chipl, FrSky Telemetry,Integrated SBUS inverter, CAN Bus and a built in 433Mhz modem which means you don’t need to add your own receiver onto the quad. The only reason this flight controller comes at number four is because it is not competitively priced (around $95.) However, if you have the cash, then this will be a great addition to your quadcopter.

5. SPRacingF3 Mini

The Seriously Pro Racing F3 Mini Flight Controller (SPRacingF3Mini) was designed to give pcb-top-and-bottom-400pxawesome flight performance in a tiny race-ready package.” They are words from its creators at I don’t personally own this flight controller and therefore I cannot properly review it. However, from information that I have garnered on different forums, the SPRacingF3 Mini comes packed with loads of features including a Race Timing Transponder, Built-in 5v regulator (BEC). It is very responsive with really quick looptimes. It has one stand out feature being that it is the only miniboard to contain a MicroSD port meaning you are can log up to 32Gb of your flight! Oh yeah, and the LED’s look really cool during a nighttime flight. This is defiantly one of the best flight controllers.

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