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These Glasses Could Be The Future Of Drone Piloting

There are already loads of FPV glasses out there on the market. However, some really exciting news has been revealed in this years Mobile World Congress. An incredible pair of glasses (similar to the Google Glass) that may create a new era of drone piloting. Take a look at the video below.

Here is a hands on first look at them.

Epson says its Android-powered OLED smart specs would be perfect for getting a drone’s-eye-view. However, these things are going to take some time to come out onto the consumer market.

Here is what DroneBlog had to say:

Speaking at the Augmented World Expo on Tuesday, Epson product manager Eric Mizufuka asked who in the audience had used one of his company’s pairs of smart glasses, which it sells under the Moverio brand.

Most of the people in the room raised a hand. And Epson probably didn’t plant all those people in the crowd, at least not directly: Moverio glasses were also a common sight at several AWE booths, which were largely targeted at enterprise customers.

But in an interview with Re/code, Mizufuka said Epson’s smart glasses sales to the enterprise over the past four years “have already been outpaced” by sales to a different audience: Hobbyist drone pilots.

Much like its competitor ODG, Epson says the era of consumer smart glasses is on the horizon, and piloting drones is the “killer consumer app” right now, Mizufuka said. He added that the company is working with the popular drone maker DJI to build tools for the Moverio glasses on top of its drone developer software, such as alerts when a drone is entering a no-fly zone.

“This can help make flying and filming safer, and in compliance with local regulations that require staying within line of sight of drones while flying,” DJI public relations manager Michael Perry said.

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