You’ve got a drone but now you need a way to charge up the LiPo battery. This page will look at the best drone battery LiPo chargers on the market, leaving you with a better understanding of which one you should buy.

After trying and testing loads of different LiPo battery chargers over the past few years, the following list has to be my top 5. Enjoy!

SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 Dual Power

The SkyRC iMax is easily the ‘go-to’ drone battery LiPo charger and firmly takes the number one spot. Why? A number of reasons for this. Firstly, it has a high 6A charge, which means that it will be able to charge up your LiPos really quickly. This will reduce waiting time between flights and, let you fly more frequently! It charges other types of batteries too such as lead acid, nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and more. Realistically, if your serious about drones then you need one of these in your arsenal. The iMax is very reasonably priced and will save you money in the future since it lasts for a long time and due to its versatility, means you won’t have to spend money on other chargers for different types of batteries. But it doesn’t stop there. You can use the iMax to measure the resistance of your batteries, test the voltage readings from each cell, and it lets you know if a battery is dead.

It is slightly more expensive than the other options listed below, but think of this as a one time investment. Your not going to need another charger for years after getting this, and with so many extra benefits, the iMax hits the sweet point between quality and value for money.

Buy the SKYRC iMax here.

Holy Stone 5 In 1 Charger

*The Holy Stone 5 In 1 Charger is the best seller on Amazon*

The Holy Stone 5 is incredible value for money. For just 10 bucks you get a charger that will power five LiPo batteries at the same time. In order to use the Holy Stone charger, you will need to be able to connect it to a USB power supply. This can literally be anything from your wall to your laptop. However, for the fastest charge your going to need to plug it into the wall since that will have enough Amps to supply all five batteries with power. You would think that there is a catch that something so useful is so cheap – but there really isn’t. My only complaint is that it is made of a weak plastic so feels cheap and could break if someone stepped on it. Apart from that the Holy Stone 5 in 1 charger is a bargin. Grab it now whilst it is still $10.

The only reason this is placed in the number 2 spot and not the number 1 is because the iMax charger shown above can do so much more than just charge. However, if your just looking for a simple charger then the Holy Stone is the one to get.

Buy the Holy Stone 5 in 1 Charger here.

Tenergy T439 5-in-1 charger

In at number three is the Tenergy T439. This is another 5 in 1 charger. Much like the Holy Stone charger listed, above, the Tenergy is fantastically cheap and easy to use. It is compatible to charge almost every single Micro RC Helicopter and Airplaine on the market using 3.7V 1S Batteries. These include the Husban, Syma, UDI and WLToy quadcopters. I found that this charger had a much more premium feel to it than the Holy Stone. However, it is nearly twice the price at $19. Thats still really cheap for a charger and fantastic value. It also comes with replacement batteries for the Syma drones (so if you have one of them count yourself lucky!)

Buy the Tenergy T439 5-in-1 charger here.

Venom Pro 2

The Venom Pro 2 is a solid charging unit that is cost-effective and reliable. It can charge up to 6A (which is more than enough for most drone pilots). It is also very simple to use – the interface can be operated with 4 large red buttons that are intuitive to use.

However, the main reason you’d wan’t to buy the Venom Pro 2 is down to its price. For just under $60, you are getting a product that is half the price of similarly able chargers and thus, someone who is a new or intermediate drone pilot should defiantly consider getting this. For example, it comes equipped with some high-end features such as internal resistance measurement and different battery pre-sets so you can plug in your battery and charge it with optimal settings. I’ve never experienced a problem with the Venom Pro 2 and so I highly recommend it.

Buy the Venom Pro 2 here.

Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger

The Tenergy TB6-B charger is one of those all-in-one chargers that become really useful when you have many different types of batteries. It supports NiMH, NICD, Li-Po,Li-ion, Li-Fe, SLA Batteries. Basically, your not going to need another charger after you buy this one. The only downside is that it charges one battery at a time. However, its best feature by far is that it has a memory function where it can remember pre-sets for your LiPo’s. Basically, all you need to do is plug in your battery, select your settings and charge away! This saves time and lets you fly more frequently. Genius!

Buy the Tenergy TB6-B Balance Charger here.


When buying batteries, I highly recommend that you buy a LiPo bag so that you can make sure your charging them safely. A LiPo bag is designed from a material that will not burn or catch fire if something goes wrong with your battery (such as overheating etc.) I always place my LiPos in bags whilst they are charging just so I can be assured that everything is safe. Here is the exact one I use – however feel free to browse the web to find one that suits you.

Thanks for reading this article – I hope you now have a much better idea on what the best LiPo battery chargers for drones are.

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