Top 8 Tips for Using Drones for Pet Photography

Taking pet photos is a challenging task because they are always on the move, and they lose concentration fast. However, drone photography technique is useful because you can take a series of pictures at a go and edit to remove the unwanted. There are different types of drones, such as large ones that have combined pivotal axes and cameras for outdoors. You can also use the professional carbon-fiber ones with foldable legs that can fly longer compared to other drones.

How to Use Drones for Pet Photography

The first step of your endeavor should be to learn how to control a drone and to get familiar with its features. For instance, learn how to take night photos, how to use flight mode, and how to upload photos from drone to computer. Practice flying in different directions and how to land.

Drone photography is not as challenging as many people assume. With practice and patience, you can master this technique. We have gathered several tips for you on how to use drones effortlessly in photography.

  1. Get Familiar with the Animal

One of the ways to learn how to take good photos is to communicate with the pet. What is their personality? If the pet is active, you can prepare for an exciting and volatile photo shoot, and if the animal likes relaxing and lolling around, you can lure him with snacks and toys to shoot the perfect picture.

  1. The Eyes Tell a Story

If you want to capture a dog’s emotions and expressions, pay attention to the eyes, especially when you want to develop pet portraits from photos. You can use these pictures to showcase unique eye color, add depth, and create normality. You might be unable to capture emotive photos at first because the pet won’t pose on cue; that is why emotive pet photos are easily taken when it is relaxing.

  1. Use Drone Photography to get Important Details

To capture unique moments, you ought to take photos from different angles, that’s where a photography drone comes to the rescue. You need to find the best drone for photography that will enable you to join the animals in their familiar territories. For instance, to photograph a cat climbing a tree, you don’t have to run after him a drone can follow his every move and record unique pictures from multiple angles.

  1. Utilize the Panning Technique

One of the reasons why drone photography is convenient is that using the panning method is more comfortable. You don’t have to move the device to record the pet’s movements; the drone can follow him and record pictures effortlessly and from multiple levels.

  1. Remain Still

Since you are dealing with animals remaining calm is the ideal way to capture beautiful moments. Dogs can quickly get confused while cats attack or lose interest if you shout commands.

By now, you should have observed the pet’s behavior; this way; you can communicate using gestures such as pointing or nodding. Drone photography is usually silent, so you don’t have to worry about this distraction.

  1. Accessorize

If you are doing a nature photo shoot ensure that the pet is protected, for instance, even if your pooch is an excellent swimmer get him the best dog life jacket according to his size. You can also use other accessories to enhance the quality of the photos by using a reflector. This method helps to cast light on different angles while focusing more on the eyes. You can make your reflector by using foil paper or plain white paper.

  1. Capture Beautiful Relationships

Pets, especially dogs and felines, can misbehave when they see a drone. To calm the furry companion, you can suggest for the owner to enter the shoot. Through this change, you will capture many poses as well as the connection between the owner and the pet. Although there are many pictures like these, they are not from multiple angles. You can shoot the animal and the owner’s expressions simultaneously without moving or asking them to maintain a pose which sometimes comes out unnaturally.

  1. Natural Lighting

A good photographer knows that natural lighting is essential for quality pictures. Although using a drone helps to capture photos from multiple angles, it is crucial to understand how to take night photos. This will enable you to create soft glows, hues, and to avoid unpleasant shadows and blurs. Avoid working under intense light, especially during midday.

Although you want to capture the emotions and expressions, avoid zooming. The drone’s propellers cause vibrations when they spin and zooming your camera will cause it to record these micro-vibrations, which lead to blurry pictures.


As an animal lover, knowing how to take excellent photographs is excellent because it enables you to capture great moments that others might miss. Utilizing drone photography allows you to work with different breeds and personalities effortless.

Do you use drones for your pet photography? Please share your experience.

Author’s Bio: Rachel Hudson is an animal lover who enjoys pet photography and watching animal documentaries. Her articles are based on research from animal photography websites, interaction with pet owners, and other photographers. She has mastered the art of pet photography by using her German Shepard as the model using several drones.


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