One of the most common questions that I get asked is about the rules and regulation that you need to know about when traveling with Lithium Polymer batteries. Well, Rotor Riot thought that it would be helpful to make a video on this exact topic and explain what how you should travel with LiPo’s.

The video you about to watch is great and is presented by two very experienced pilots who have had to deal with the LiPo traveling issue a countless number of times. For example, Chad Nowak flys in both the USA and Australia and so gives you some great tips on how to travel through airports etc with your LiPos.

Here is the video – enjoy!

Here are some pointers that I thought were most useful from the video:

  • Make sure you own a LiPo safe bag to carry your LiPos in
  • Use electrical tape to tape up the connectors on your LiPos
  • Make sure you LiPo’s are separate from everything else in the XRay machine. This will mean that the scanning process will be faster
  • Just be respectful and you should be fine!

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