Debate still rages over which quad you should buy – the Eachine Falcon 250 or the Eachine Racer 250. Both are great drones and whichever one you buy, you will be satisfied with it. However, I recommend that you buy the Falcon 250 over the Racer 250. Here is why.


  • Okay, the Falcon is a little bit more expensive, but those few dollars come which loads of benefits. The Racer 250 is the older model of the Falcon 250. Therefore you will soon see replacement parts for the Eachine Racer 250 go away whilst the Falcon replacements will still be available to buy.
  • The Falcon has a much longly fly time as it has more space to fit in larger batteries. The Falcon can fit 3s/4s batteries as they are mounted on the top of the drone. However, the Racer 250 has a built in battery slide in tray and therefore I really struggled to fit any 4s batteries in.
  • The next reason you should buy a Falcon 250 is that they have way better ESC’s than the Racer and thus they can use 4s in a much better way. They also have oneshot whereas the Racer 250’s don’t.
  • The Falcon also has much more sturdy arms and thus the arms on the Racer 250 are more likely to break. The carbon arms are also light weight meaning you can fly quickly.

Buy the Eachine Racer here.

Buy the Eachine Falcon here.

Thanks for reading and I hope I’ve put your questions at ease.


  • Eachine 250 looks ok,but I know another racing drone:Akaso F250a Racing drone,maybe Akaso F250a is more professional.

  • I don’t own an Akaso F250a but I do own the Eachine Falcon 250. Very fast (scary fast) fpv racer that I enjoy very much. I recently stepped up from hobby grade video drones and this was my first fpv racing drone. I bought a pack of 10 sets of props as I expected to crash it lots but the out of box settings were awesome for a RTF flier and haven’t crashed it yet. For those unfamiliar with the motor mounts set at a 10 degree forward pitch this doesnt make it fly faster as some would think. It simply puts the body into a more level flight so it cuts less wind hence it flies faster without a lot of downwards angle. Also this feature effectively won’t allow stable hover, it always wants to pull forward like a beast pulling on its leash!

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