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Why You Should Buy The QQ190 Falcon Racing Quadcopter

QQ190 Falcon Racing Quadcopter

The ‘QQ190 Falcon Racing Quadcopter’ is a nifty little frame that you can buy from QuadQuestions. It is a sleek frame which is light and very well balanced. On top of that, it has numerous features that you are going to find out about later on down this page.

Why is this frame unique?

This X-frame has a 45° carbon fiber weave and mounts a standard flight controller. Combine this with the fact that it is light, balanced and has many HD camera mount options. This means that you can use this frame for drone photography. However, its even better for racing due to its light weight and the numerous camera mounts means you can attach your camera to whatever position suits you.


The toughness of this frame means its hard to break and has a greater chance of surviving a crash than most X-frames on the market. QuadQuestions say that they have crashed this into concrete, battery fires, crashed from hundreds of feet in the air and guess what? The frame still remains sturdy.

Here is a list of its features from the QuadQuestion website.


  • 190mm diagonal motor to motor layout
  • 3K 45 degree weave Carbon fiber design
  • Vtx antenna mounting bracket.
  • multiple motor mounting options
  • Center mounted battery
  • Symmetrical smooth and well balanced.
  • Angle adjustable FPV camera hanger with 1 axis gimbal option.
  • includes 5-in-1 PDB with included BEC, Lost model alarm, Low voltage alarm and LED Light controller.
  • includes 3d printed style landing gear,
  • The FPV camera holder can work with HS1117 Cameras and the new TBS Zero Zero.
  • 5″ props

I personally haven’t crashed my frame (yet) but I think QuadQuestions have got the ratio between strength and weight spot on. The frame handles really well in the air and I’ve had so much fun with it.


So if you are looking for a relatively cheap frame that you can fly with the reassurance that it’s unlikely to break, then you should defiantly consider buying the QQ190 Falcon Racing Quadcopter. Oh and don’t forget, they also have three 3D printed landing gear pads which protect the drone during a scrape across the pavement.

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