XSoul Propellers – Review & Tests XSoul Propellers – Review & Tests
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If you have been scanning the drone forums recently, you may have come across a new brand of propellers called XSoul propellers. There has been lots of debate and skepticism over XSoul since some people argue that they are cheap knock offs of other companies propellers. This article should clear up all the debate over these props, so, if your interested keep reading!XSoul-3-blade

The first thing to note is that XSoul Props are genuinely good propellers. They are not a clone of another company (such as HQ) – they are their own brand and from my tests, it looks like XSoul is here to stay.

Lets firstly take a look at some of the features of the XSoul Props. Firstly, they are made out of a special glass and poly-carbonate injection. This means that these things are tough and I can’t see them breaking anytime soon.

I think that it would be best to compare these props with some of the leading prop companies on the market – DAL propellers and the HQ durables. The XSoul Props are very durable and are aimed at racing and not acro (freestytle) flying simply because of their performance results. These things are perfect for when you crash or fly into something since they don’t break. However, they suck up loads of amps as shown in the video below. (Take a look at the thrust test below. They draw 35 amps at 1047 grams of thrust meaning they have a 1.89g/W efficiency.)

The video below is by HelicoMicro who have allowed us to use their video to show some tests on the XSoul props.

With all that being said, these props are much more rigid than DAL props. Take a look at the images below and you will see that they do not bend very much. And even when they do bend, they go right back to their origional position. Of course, it’s up to you to decide if this is a benefit or negative (for example rigid props are much more stable and thus are less likely to crash but at the same time, they are more likely to bend a motor shaft.)IMG_4145-350x233 IMG_4147-350x233

On thing that I noticed is that the XSouls are significantly stronger than the HQ durables. They hold up better than the HQ but don’t show as much flex. This, again can be a positive but at the same time they were not as responsive or efficient. I think it is up to the consumer to decide what he values more (strength or efficiency) and then make an educated purchase on that basis.

After trying these props on my quad, I found that they flew really well. They are durable, powerful, and light – the perfect recipe for a decent set of quads.

All in all, these props are affordable and defiantly won’t break the bank. The tri-blades will cost you around $13.99 from Amazon for a pack of 4 sets. This is basically the same price as a DAL prop. I think that the XSoul is better than much of DAL’s old products but I’ve read some very positive reviews of their new props (which I have not yet tested) and therefore I am unable to say which is better.

However, you should check Facebook Groups since there are often discount codes floating about for the XSoul props which makes them even cheaper and thus more desirable!

Ultimately, it doesn’t really matter if you buy a DAL prop or an XSoul prop – both are basically the same in my opinion. However, you can guarantee that these XSoul props are stronger and therefore will not need to replace them as often in the future.

You can order these props of Amazon and they come with a nifty two-day Amazon Prime shipping deal. This is great because most props come from China and take around two weeks to arrive at your doorstep. Buy them here.

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