ZMX V2 Motors – Review & Tests ZMX V2 Motors – Review & Tests
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If you’ve been flying drones for as long as I have, then you will have tried and tested many different types of motors. Some motors you love and others you don’t for various reasons. I am currently using the ZMX V2’s and they are simply incredible. Buy them here.

Test Results For ZMX V2 Motors Sheet:

Click here for the full test results sheet of the ZMX V2 Motors. This sheet was put together by MiniQuadTestBench. Check it out!


So why is are the ZMX V2’s really good? There are a few features that make these motors unique.
Firstly they are the only motors on the market to feature N52SH magnets which have the same amount of power as the N52 magnets but are temperature resistant. In this way, they don’t demagnetize under extreme temperatures like the N52s do.Whats even better is that it also means that there is no need for a cooling design in the bell housing.

The drill press method of getting the kV rating also makes the rating itself more accurate. It comes in three different KV ratings. The 2300kv, 2633kv and the 2800kv. P_20160307_141137_grande

Another plus is that they are light which is important when racing. The majority of 2205 motors weigh about 31g each whereas the ZMX V2’s weigh just 26g. If you got your maths GCSE then you’ll know that this saves roughly 4 grams per motor meaning you’ve saved 16 grams in total on your quad.

However, most importantly, these motors are purple. This means that they have the same colour scheme as my alien frame. Okay… maybe this isn’t that important but I think it looks great.


Checkout the MiniQuadTestBench website. They do loads of different tests on motors and provide P_20160307_140920_grandereally useful data for anyone looking to by DIY drone parts. Checkout all of their data here.

With a 5x4x3 propeller and they created 1151g of thrust (whilst the efficiency was at 3.1). On the static tests they only lose a little torque at the end of the 6″ props. However, when flying there is basically no difference.

When static, they produce the same performance as the DYS and EMAX (which use n52 magnet motors.) However, there is a noticeable difference in flight. They are smoother and more balanced than the DYS and EMAX and have less vibrations.

Ultimately, these are fantastic motors which will cost you just 13$ each. The only downside is that they come all the way from china which means shipping takes a lifetime. Anyway, I recommend the ZMX V2 motors and make sure you visit the full test results sheet here.

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