Have you ever wanted to know how fast you were going but didn’t have access to a radar gun? Well, if you have a camera and a multirotor, you can still measure your speed within a small margin of error.

The Process

It’s actually fairly simple; only a little math is required. If you’re using a GoPro mounted on your multirotor then you’ll need to fly as close to the ground as possible. This will help you get the best view of when you cross the markers. Otherwise, you can mount a camera towards the side so that the multirotor is flying across the field of view.

You’ll need a couple things to be able to do this other than the multirotor and camera. Daniel recommends pool noodles as they are easily visible, but you can really use anything to mark distances. You”ll also need a field and a way to measure distance, ie. a yard stick or something similar.

Measure the distance between pool noodles and film yourself flying as fast as possible over the marked area. You can then review the video and do some calculations. The calculations in this video start at the 2:37 mark. They’re really easy to follow along with.

Thanks to Daniel for sharing and making this video!

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