How Can 5.8 GHz Have 48 Channels?

You may have seen some 5.8GHz video transmitters on the market that are apparently compatible with 48 different channels. 48 channels! Is this a mistake? There are 8 frequencies for for the bands A, B, C/E and F/Airwave which makes 32 channels. Then there are an extra 8 frequencies for the Screen Shot 2016-07-09 at 08.31.46Raceband band to reach a total of 40 channels. So where are the missing 8 channels?

There is a new band!

Yep, there is a new band. It is called the L-band (Low band) and it has frequencies that are 8 below the C/E band – between 5362MHz and 5621 MHz. There is a spacing of 37 MHz between each level.

Advantages of the L-Band

So what are the advantages of using the L-band? Well because it is lower, the waves are far more penetrating and therefore (in theory) provide a much better range for your quad. It is also very far away from the other frequencies of the other 5 bands and therefore it is not prone to interference.

Disadvantages of the L-Band

Firstly, there are very few receivers out there that can manage all 48 channels and therefore you will be limited to just a handful of receivers. However, the RS832 of Boscam is capable of having 48 channels. Secondly, most places in Europe will not allow you to fly on such low frequencies and therefore flying on the L-Band would be illegal. (Make sure you check your countries frequency regulations before flying.) In this way, “5.8 GHz” is an ill-suited name due to the large variety of frequencies. It should say something like “5.3 to 5.9 GHz…”

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