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M600T Micro Camera And Transmitter

A new camera-transmitter combo has hit the market recently – the M600T. It is quite a large product with dimensions of 2.5 x 2.2 x 2 5 cm not including the antenna. It is made from m600t-03-350x283reinforced aluminium casing and thus is 17.6 grams (again without the antenna.) It demands 7V – 28V (2 to 6S) with a consumption of 500mA. The transmitter is a 5.8GHz video transmitter.

The video transmitter obviously transmits the images that are captured by the integrated camera. However, it is possible to replace the camera source with another source via a jack on the side of the product. This transmitter is a 42-channel 5.8GHz model. However, a closer look at the documentation implies that Raceband isn’t included. The transmission power is 600 mW, much more than what is allowed in Europe. I’m therefore slightly confused on the purpose of such a high99809_1-350x293 transmission power. What is it’s purpose? It is not for nano mulitrotors so what is it for?

The M600T is sold for about $70 (£53) from Hobbyking. You can buy it here. It comes with a mushroom antenna and power cables.

Here are some stats about the camera and transmitter itself.

• Micro sized
• 42CH VTXm600t-02-494x362
• 720P Camera
• Easy install, plug and play
• Strong aluminum case
• Powered by 7~28V DC

Dimensions: 28.5x22x25mm (without antenna)
Weight: 17.6g (without antenna)
USB power input: 7~28V
Working current: 500mA
Field of View: 90 degrees
Video resolution: 720P
Video output: NTSC
Frequency: 5.8GHz, 32 channel
Transmitter power: 600mW

1 x Camera/VTX
1 x Circular polarized antenna
1 x Power supply wire
1 x Video cable

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