We’ve all done it. Spent ages building a drone, tuning it and soldering it. You take it out for a flight and CRASH. On this page I will teach you how to repair your antenna if it broke during a flight.

So if you crash your quad and break your antenna, most of the time you won’t want to wait for another antenna to arrive. Therefore you have two options:

  1. You cut the broken antenna so it is at a length that is appropriate to the 2.4Ghz wave length.
  2. You have to purchase a new antenna and replace it by removing the old one from the receiver.

Lets look at option one and learn how to cut your antenna correctly. A 2.4Ghz antenna has a wavelength of 0.125 meters (or 125mm.) This means that your antenna needs to be a quarter of the wavelength. Therefore you need to cut the rest of the antenna to 31.25mm.

How do you do this?


Firstly you need to remove the plastic/PVC layering on the outside of the antenna. The layer after this is the shielding. Remove this also to the length of 31.25mm. This means that the last 31.25mm will be the dielectric and wire. That is the antenna. Your antenna should work again. Take a look at the picture below to see what your antenna should look like.


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