If your anything like me your probably really excited about another year of drone building, flying and crashing. On this article, I am going to tell you exactly what the best miniquad ESCs of 2017 are.

Now, before we begin I do have to note that this list has been put together from my point of view. I have tried and tested all of the ESCs below (and many more) and these are what I personally believe are the best ESCs of 2017 are at the moment. If you have any suggestions of what should be on the list, let me know in the comments section at the bottom of the page. Cheers!

KISS 24A Race Edition

It will come as no surprise to many of you that the KISS 24A Race Edition is still sitting firmly at the top of our list. Almost all serious racers that I know use these pr1941-01ESCs including myself. They are relatively expensive (about 65 bucks) but well worth the investment. This is because they come with Oneshot42 which is way faster than Oneshot125 and onewire telemetry. This is great since it transmits information to your Flight Controller from each individual ESC. The only drawback, in my opinion, is that currently it is just KISS FC that can receive this telemetry data. However, it has already appeared on cleanflight since the protocol is open source, so this is not too much of an issue. Furthermore, it comes with even more unique features such as adaptive gate timing. Ultimately, these are high-performance ESCs which are both simple yet powerful. Get them here.

ZTW Flash 30A BLHeli S

The ZTWs are also outstanding ESCs. In my opinion they are the best BLHeli S ESCs. ztw-flash-30a-blheli-s-2-4s-electronic-speed-controllerThese are great since they can run up to 6S which is more than many other versions of BLHeli S, which can only run up to 4S. Much like the Kiss 24A, the ZTW Flash 30A BLHeli S comes packed full of features. These Include Oneshot 125 and Oneshot 42 as well as Multishot and hardware PWM for silky smooth throttle reactions. I personally thought that the low throttle performance of the ZTWs was outstanding. With fewer RPM in the motor, one can acquire a much smoother and more accurate acrobatics movement. The only drawback is that there have been reports of many BLHeli 16.0 having to be recalled for various hardware issues although I haven’t personally experienced any of these. Buy them here.

Sunrise Cicada 30A BLHeli S

The Sunrise Cicada 30A BLHeli S is a lesser well-known company and brand in our 93eac425613ffc3e0f60ec268a72d4bc-image-681x550community. However, if you’ve asked anyone who has tested their 30A BLHeli S you know that these things are incredibly reliable and powerful. I have found that they are best when used with high KV motors. Therefore, if you are looking for an effortless run on a smooth firmware on something like a 2600kv 5″ or even higher kv 4″, then these ESCs will do you proud. They can also be used in a variety of different setups including an 8k gyro without desyncing. Get them here.


The DYS XS30A BLHeli S make it to number 4 on our list. I love these ESCs since they are up to date with dys-xs30a-blheli-s-esc-brushless-regler-30a-3-6sthe current market. They run the very latest firmware for BLHeli S and they can easily take up to 6S. What’s even better is that the DYS XS30A BLHeli S’s are just 8.65g which is perfect for racing quads since they are so light. If you used their predecessor ESCs (the XM30s) and liked their soldering pads, you’ll be pleased to know that these ESCs have retained them. They also have kept the heatsink feature on the top of the ESC. You can buy them here.


In at number 5 is the DYS XM30s. I used these ESCs for quite a while before xm30a_-_e_1024x1024switching over to the Kiss. Nevertheless, in my time when using them, they proved to be incredibly reliable and rigid. In my opinion, these ESCs are aimed at beginners. They come without the hassle of the Beta nature BLHeli S and the Kiss and are effortless to wire up whilst the solder pads means that motor switching is easy too. They are priced quite competitively but I still would recommend them to any beginner out there who is looking to get into miniquad flying. You can buy the DYS XM30s here.

Thanks for reading this review and if you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to post them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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