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The TOVSTO Aegean V2 Drone is a cheap and capable brushless GPS quadcopter. This review will look at my initial impressions of the drone, how the drone flies, how good it is as an areal photography drone and ultimately if you should buy it or not.

Buy the TOVSTO Aegean V2 Drone here.



My initial impression on the drone were actually rather positive. Not only does it look very similar to the infamous DJI Phantom, it is also the same size ({L x W x H}: 29.00 x 29.00 x 17.00 cm). It also uses the old 2212 900Kv motors that are found on the Phantom 2 plus. It is quite weighty in your hand (0.810 kg) but that doesn’t really matter since this is an areal photography drone and is not used for racing. It is a very clean quadcopter and there isn’t much else going on with the design.

I love how it looks slick and whilst this is a cheap drone, it feels like a premium product.

I did notice however that there is no on or off switch on this drone which is rather annoying. This means that the quad is powered as soon as you plug in the battery.

Also in the box are the instructions that are excellent! They are very detailed and explain exactly how to fly the drone even if you are a complete beginner. 1469417644452084

You also get four self-locking props which is fine but there are no spares. This is not the toughest drone and therefore I can see the blades breaking in the future if I crash the drone. Therefore I would have liked to see some spare blades in the box. You are also given a spanner to remove the props when you’ve finished using them.

You are also given a camera mount so that you can fit your favourite action camera onto the drone. This is really useful since it allows you to chose your favourite action camera in order to get stunning areal photography shots. It is designed to fit a GoPro, but if the GoPro is too expensive for you then I recommend that you use the Firefly 6S. Read my review of the Firefly 6S here.

They also give you some camera ties if your camera is a little loose.

The transmitter, whilst basic, feels very premium and is basic and simple to use. It only comes in mode 2. However, it doesn’t have a sonar or optical sensor so it wont hold its position as well as a phantom.


There are a couple of limitations with this quad. The first is that it is limited to 100m (320 feet). This is respectable but is not as free range as a Phantom. You are also limited distance wise to 400m which again is decent. However, if your looking to fly this drone really far away to get some areal footage then you may not be able to do that. However, if the footage that you would like to capture is within 400m of you then this drone will be an excellent choice.TOVSTO-Aegean V2-Quadcopter-Flying

The drone itself lasts for around 15 minutes and takes 3 hours to charge. Therefore I would recommend that you bring spare batteries when using this drone.

I found that the altitude hold worked very well. The drone remained in the same height despite strong wind and a little. However, the GPS control basically didn’t work very well. The drone moved about even after I activated this function. Occasionally the GPS control kicked in and the drone remained stationary. However, this was random and not reliable.


The main reason you would buy this drone is for areal photography. Therefore read this section carefully.

The TOVSTO Aegean V2 is a very capable AP drone. As previously mentioned its flying time is just 15 minutes so you would need to bring some extra batteries with you on your filming days.

I found this to be a very good photography drone. It is stable and does not ‘jerk’ when moving in a particular direction. The result of this means that you get a nice smooth video that does look professional and high quality.

If I saw some footage from a Phantom 4 and put it side by side with the TOVSTO Aegean V2 footage – I would not be able to tell which is which.

However, there are some drawbacks. Firstly (as previously said) the GPS control is awful meaning your drone will not hover perfectly. Also, 15 mins fly time can be really annoying if you wan’t to do a longer shoot. Thirdly, whilst it is decent in windy conditions, sometimes I noticed that the wind was too strong and the drone simply lost its orientation and I was unable to control it.

Apart from that there are genuinely very few downsides to this quad. I think four $260 bucks the TOVSTO Aegean V2 is an absolute bargain if your looking for a good quality and cheap AP drone. This will do the job to nearly the same level as a top of the range drone like a Phantom.

Is The TOVSTO Aegean V2 Good For Beginners?

Yes. I would say that this drone is more tailored towards beginners than it is to experts. This is because it has some beginner friendly features such as a fail safe mode which means the quad will return to its take-off position in the even of signal loss from the transmitter. This is especially useful in heavy wind when you lose your orientation.

It also has a Return to Home feature that will bring the drone back to you and land safely.

So Who Should Buy This Drone?

If you are advanced in AP drones or you have the budget to buy a top of the range AP drone then I would recommend the Phantom since it is a more capable drone all round (in terms of stability and video smoothness.) However, if you have a lower budget or are less experienced then buy this drone since it is aimed at people with no/little experience with AP drones. If your looking for a cheap drone that can get you some amazing video footage, then get yourself a TOVSTO Aegean V2.

Buy the TOVSTO Aegean V2 Drone here.

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