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Why You Shouldn’t Buy The Walkera Goggle 4 FPV Glasses

Walkera released the Google 3 back in November. However, these were massively overpriced and not many people bought them. In this way it was time for Walkera to produce a new affordable product that most consumers can actually afford. They have done just that and have created the Walkera Goggle 4. You can buy them here for $169. However, don’t go and buy them before you read the rest of this article. Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.23.30

So lets take a look at the “entry level” goggles. (They have also announced a higher tier version but these are not for pre-order yet.)

There are loads of things that I don’t like about these new goggles. Firstly they have an AV input/output which seems silly since there is no HDMI input integrated into the goggles. This is annoying since popular consumer drones such as the DJI Phantom only let you connect FPV goggles through HDMI. I think that Walkera are missing a trick by not integrating HDMI in their standard model. Basically if you buy these goggles you’ll be very limited in what you can/cannot fly.

Secondly, they are advertising these goggles as HD. This is down right wrong. Walkera are using false information to make you buy their product. They say that they are using “HD” screens with 800 x 600 resolution. Well guess what? 800 x 600 is not HD. In fact, 800 x 600 is 480p which is really low quality video. Walkera are deceiving people into buying their product and therefore principally you shouldn’t buy these goggles.Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 11.23.21

There is also no sign of an anti-fogging fan which is really useful on warm humid days when flying. This is just a basic requirement that they are missing.

However, its not all bad when it comes to these goggles. Firstly the price is much more friendly – $169 and the 2s 1200 mAh battery allows for plenty of flying time (up to 2 hours on a single charge.) There are smaller features that I like too such as the large buttons which makes it easy to adjust the brightness/contrast and focus of the 5″ HD screen.

Overall, I am not too impressed with these goggles due to their lack of HDMI integration. I would not recommend buying them since $169 dollars is a long term investment on something that doesn’t come with basic requirements like HDMI and anti-fogging fans. I understand that not having these features is not the end of the world – and for many they are not even that necessary. However, the thing that riles me is that they are blatantly deceiving their potential customers by pretending that they are HD goggles when in reality they are not. Also, if you wanted to upgrade to something like a Phantom 4, then you would have to spend even more money on getting a new set of goggles. Why not buy right the first time and get something with a HDMI integrated? A pair of FatSharks will surpass these goggles any day.


    • My point is that Fatshark do no deceive the consumer by pretending that they are HD (and a HD screen would be too laggy and would therefore not provide an enjoyable FPV experience.) Unfortunately Walkera have pretended these goggles are HD (in an attempt to trick people who are new to the hobby) and thus our community should not tolerate false advertising like this.

      • Sorry but Fatshark is even more guilty.
        Resolution of the best Fatsharks available, the $500 “HD V2”: 800×600
        HD is right there in the name!
        At least Walkera calls the goggles referred to in your article “Entry Level”.

        The “HD” version (which, presumably, will have 1280×720 screen) is not yet released.

        BTW I own Headplay HD, which indeed has 1280×800 screen and HDMI (which I haven’t used, and probably won’t for at least a year or two when digital HD FPV comes down in price).

        • I agree that FatShark have HD in their name but that is nothing more than a name and isn’t a ‘feature’ of the goggles. The difference is Walkera say that their product is being displayed on HD screens – this is a ‘feature’ of the Goggles themselves and is only there to trick the most vulnerable in our community (newbies) into spending money on something which they are not getting.
          The HD version of these goggles look promising and as soon as they are put on display for pre-order I will most certainly buy a pair and review them on this site. However, false advertising of features of a product is something that I will not tolerate and the companies that play these malicious games must be exposed.

  • One last comment: nowhere in the product link you provide for the Walkera headset does it claim they are “HD”.

    This is a really dumb article, suggest you take it down.

    No affiliation with Walkera BTW, just a FPVer.

    • Three things. Firstly I was basing this on the RC groups forum post that they posted which basically said that these were HD goggles when they weren’t.
      Secondly, just because they are false advertising in one place and not in another – it doesn’t mean I cannot call them out.
      Thirdly, Banggood further the confusion of these products by saying that the goggles have “head pitching and steering tracking” but also a Micro HDMI port? Like what does that mean. Also they say that the resolution is “3 x 800 x 480” – what does that “3” mean. If anything, Banggood is simply confusing the already mislead consumers even more. This is something we can’t tolerate and if you wan’t to protect our community then you would side with me on this. *Drops the mic*

  • HDMI and fan? Seriously? Is that all you look for in FPV goggles?

    What about quality of the screen? Performance and range of the receiver? Weight and comfort? I haven’t mentioned the price tag, have I?

    Man, you should really take this article down! As is, it’s not useful to anyone.

    • Your missing the point again. The reason I dislike these goggles is because of the false advertising. Period. They do have many good aspects to them yes but I think it is ridiculous that they would say something that they are not. The HDMI issue is something minor that I dislike but my main point (which you haven’t addressed) is the false advertising.

      • Then, following your reasoning, we should not buy FatShark HD goggles because of false advertising as well. The HD is right in the name, which is even worse!

        I think that people interested in purchasing the Walkera Goggles 4 would like to know what I’ve already mentioned in my previous comment:
        – Quality of the screen
        – Performance and range of the receiver
        – Weight and comfort

        I guess you have an opinion about that, since you had a chance to review them. Would you share it with us? Maybe, you can even add that to your post.

        • There is a big difference between putting HD in the name and advertising the goggles as HD. As explained above, I agree that FatShark have HD in their name but that is nothing more than a name and isn’t a ‘feature’ of the goggles. The difference is Walkera say that their product is being displayed on HD screens – this is a ‘feature’ of the Goggles themselves and is only there to trick the most vulnerable in our community (newbies) into spending money on something which they are not getting.
          Of course, you should base goggles on the three factors you listed. But if Walkera decide to false advertise then they do not deserve to have these facts taken into account because lying to the consumer is perhaps the worst thing that any company could do. With that being said, these goggles may have decent specs and may actually be pretty good. Nevertheless, Walkera are not telling the truth so I’m not going to write an article worshiping them.
          Finally, I don’t claim to own these deceitful goggles, and I do not intend on buying them. The actual HD versions which have not been released yet look far more promising and I will most certainly get them and review them on this site.

  • OK so how about the eachine not the 007 but the dv2? I’m new to fpv but I don’t want to throw money out the window.. More do I plan to spend 500 more on goggles at this time.. Could someone tell me what to get? What to get with what’s available now? I’m leaning towards the 99$ eachine though… Im open to discussing it.. Thanks

  • Can someone recommend an entry-level goggle? I’m considering the theme eachine dv2 I know the 007 is cheaper but I’ll spend 99$ if it worth it.. This is my first fpv but I don’t want to immediately feel the need to upgrade.. Will be using them with the eachine wizard x220

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