Watch This Eagle Take Down A Drone From Nowhere

Watch the video below.

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This is what Expanse had to say:

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are better known as “drones” around the world, and they’ve got a wealth of uses. From journalism to reconnaissance, and from crop spraying to law enforcement, there aren’t many industries that won’t be overturned in the coming decade by the introduction of UAVs. Their proliferation will have consequences we can’t yet foresee.

That being said, there’s a lot that’s already changed as UAVs become more prevalent — especially when talking about photography and filmmaking. Many shots that would have previously needed a helicopter crew (and a lot of capital) are now possible with UAVs. Some footage simply wouldn’t have been captured with other options, and a prime example is the clip below. It’s a short one, but it packs a punch.

Had the camera been mounted on a helicopter, it’s safe to say that the eagle would have kept its distance. Fortunately for us (and unfortunately for the drone’s owner), the drone was of such a size that the eagle felt it’d be an easy takedown. The eagle was right. Check out this epic moment below, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. When you’re done watching, share it with your friends on Facebook!

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